The United States has one of the largest populations of captive tigers in the world − estimated at perhaps 5,000 tigers. They are not just found in zoos and rescue centers; tigers in the U.S. are in private hands and even end up living in backyards. In many jurisdictions, people can legally keep a tiger on their property without reporting it to local officials or neighbors. In some states, it is easier to buy a tiger than to adopt a dog from a local animal shelter.

Rarely can officials determine how many tigers there are in captivity within state borders − or where they are, who owns them, or what happens to their body parts (highly prized on the black market) when they die. Without better regulation, captive tigers become easy targets for black market sales. When those tigers become tiger products it stimulates demand. And the more demand there is, the more wild tigers are poached.

– See more at: http://www.savetigersnow.org/problem#deforestation


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